The making of a tablecloth...

The Textile industry has evolved over many years while the basic materials are still produced from Animal Fur, Skin or Plantation; such as Cotton.
 Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fibre that grows in a boll. The cotton plant is a Shrub that is largely produced in warmer climates, these include Africa, Mexico and India.
 The Fibre is taken from the Cotton Plant and spun into a Yarn or thread and used to make breathable textiles, for example, Tablecloths Bed Linen and Towels.
 The use of Cotton in fabric has been known to date back as far as 5000 years BC yet the evolution of the cotton plant was the invention of the Cotton Gin that has lowered the cost of production to become worldwide in the cloth and textile industry today.
Poly-Cotton is a fabric made from a blend of cotton and polyester, commonly used to make bed sheets and Towels as it is both durable and comfortable. The development of cotton has led to many organisations to use Poly-Cotton and Polyester alone.
Polyester is a synthetic fibre, it is made from coal, air, water, oil. Polyester is formed into Ribbons, then heated to thin the  ribbons and allow them to be stretched out to about five times their original length, to making them thin enough to use as thread to weave cloth. In 1941, British scientist John Whinfield and James Dickson first invented polyester cloth. However it wasn’t until the 1950’s when United States Company DuPont bought the right to make polyester in a factory in Delaware.
Fabrics woven or knitted from polyester thread or yarn are used extensively in apparel tablecloths, napkins, duvet covers, bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets. Polyester fibre is used as cushioning and insulating material in pillows, comforters and upholstery padding. Polyester fabrics are highly stain-resistant.
 Polyester fibres are sometimes spun together with natural fibres to produce a cloth with blended properties. Cotton mixed with Polyester blends can be strong, wrinkle and tear-resistant, and reduce shrinking
 For this reason, we use this blend of fabric to provide top quality linen to its customers.
Our Signature Tablecloths are 100% Polyester with a 107 thread count, providing our customers with a a high quality, crease free tablecloth giving a Professional finish.
Due to the delicate softness of the Cotton plant we offer our customers a 100% Cotton towel service. Although towels can be woven in either cotton or cotton-polyester. The Cotton towel allows moisture to absorb from the body after bathing. The towel is generally woven with a Loop method or pile, the thicker the pile the greater the softness of the towel.