Quick Guide – Tablecloth Sizes

Quick Guide - Tablecloth Sizes- What we would Recommend

Here at Bermondsey London Tablecloth Hire, we like to help all of our customers as much as possible to select the correct tablecloth for any Event, Wedding or Special occasion. We understand, the pressures of getting every detail just right. So here is a quick guide to choosing the correct size cloth for your perfect day.

Table Size                       Tablecloth required                        Tablecloth required 

                                    (1/2 way drop to the floor)                (full drop to the floor)

Square: 36" (3ft)                70" x 70"                                                    N/A

Square: 60" (5ft)                90" x 90"                                                    N/A


36" (3ft)   Round                70"R                                                           90"R

48"(4ft)    Round                78"R                                                          108"R

60" (5ft)    Round               90" R                                                         120"R

72" (6ft)    Round               108"R                                                        132"R

Rectangle Table                 ( generally referred to as "Trestle tables" )

72" x 24"   Rectangle        (6ft x 2ft)    70" x 108"

72" x 36"   Rectangle        (6ft x 3ft)   70" x 108"

Please note that this guide is for reference only.  The Tablecloths in this guide are the most common size cloths hired.  If your table size is not shown within this guide, please contact us on 01268 691222  where our office staff will be more than happy to help.

Perfectly Pressed...

All of our table Linen is visually checked pressed and hand folded to the highest standard. We ensure that all our products are perfectly clean and ready to hire. We provide a fast and friendly service and always on hand to help.  At Bermondsey London Tablecloth hire all of our cloths are ready to dress your tables.


Have you been so busy arranging the whole event that you have forgotten to hire the table linen, to most it seems a minor detail, but to your guests arriving your table linen creates a big impression. If you are short on time, do not worry we can hire cloths to you the same day.*

*subject to availability