Measuring your table

Top tips to having the correct Tablecloth

Knowing how to ask for the correct size tablecloth can be a task if you are not sure what you are looking for.

So look no further, we  have put together a foolproof way,  to measure your table and hire the perfect cloth.


For a Round Table:

Step 1 : Measure the diameter to the table top.

Step 2: Add 30" to the diameter, this will give you a drop half way to the floor,


for a more formal occasion add 60" to the diameter of the table.

Measuring your table Bermondsey Table Cloth Hire London

Measure the diameter of the Table


Diameter of table: 60" (5ft round table)

Sum: 60" + 30"= 90"

Tablecloth Required: 90" Round for half way drop.



** the standard measurement of tables are 30" in height**



Measuring a Square or Rectangle Table:

When measuring your square or rectangle table, the same principles apply.

Step1: Measure the height of the table (this is best measured inches) .

Step2: Measure the length of the Table (measure in inches)

Step 3: Measure the width of the table (measure in inches)

Now you have all the measurements of the table, to work out the perfect tablecloth size, follow this simple sum:

2 x height + length = (this will be the length of the table cloth you will need)
2 x height + width = ( this is the width of the tablecloth, which will cover both ends of the table)

both of these answers will be your length x width= your tablecloth size.

Measuring your table Bermondsey Table Cloth Hire London


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